Video Resources

Air-Conditioner Condenser Maintenance

Adjusting Fill Valves

Baby Proofing Your Home-Pt1

Baby Proofing Your Home-Pt2

Checking A Toilet Flapper

Installing A Dimmer Switch 3-Way Light

Dishwasher Maintenance

A-Stat Flushing A Water Heater

Front Load Washing Machine Maintenance

Fun Household Tricks 1

Fun Household Tricks 2

Fun Household Tricks 3

Clearing Garbage Disposal Jams

Hanging Large Pictures

Cleaning Hard Water Deposits

Installing a Hinge Pin Door Stop

Improperly Installed Deadbolts

Ladder Safety

Leaving for Vacation

The Painting Process

Hanging A Picture Wall

Plunging a Toilet

Preparing to Paint

Reading a Tape Measure

Changing A Refrigerator Water Filter

Installing a Remote Keypad Garage Door

Removing Carpet

Repairing a Meduim Drywall Hole

Repairing a Small Drywall Hole

Repairing A Stuck Door Latch

Replacing A Toilet Flapper

Replacing a Toilet Seat

Rewiring a Lamp

Screen Replacement

Self-Closing Doors

Toolbox Essentials